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Project G Teaser 2 :icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 6 0
Project G Teaser
The following is a work in progress.
"For all the time that we've spent fighting XANA, our successes have always outweighed our failures. But this—" Jeremy let out a troubled sigh before continuing, "this is something far bigger than what we're capable of handling. Or the rest of the world, for that matter. There's nothing we can do."
The last, gut-wrenching sentence hit Yumi hard. XANA had won? This can't be happening, she thought to herself, in denial. Yet here they were now.
Jeremy went back to checking his computer. As Yumi watched him work from the display of her family's laptop, she noticed his eyes suddenly grow wide.
"What is it?" Yumi asked.
"The power output levels of the Replikas are very high," he said. "XANA needs all that energy so he can control those things. But the power levels of this particular Replika—"
"They're off the charts!" exclaimed Aelita, who was now witnessing the anomaly from over Jeremy's shoulder.
Jeremy nodde
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Project G: XANA Monster Bios #4-6
Entry #4: Krabes
Weapons: Beam laser cannon, medium laser cannon, ventral pile-driver laser
Abilities: Can scale vertical surfaces and impale targets with sharp legs
Description: Krabes are one of XANA’s most versatile monsters. Standing over two meters tall on four slender, scythe-like legs, this all-purpose beast is capable of traversing most rugged terrain, and can even scale steep slopes. Its weak point is located nearly out of reach on its dorsal side, requiring the Lyoko Warriors to either attack the monster from above or topple it over by slicing off its legs. In terms of weaponry, krabes emit lasers from three eyes on their head, which converge to form a continuous laser beam—a recent upgrade to the monsters’ capabilities thanks to XANA’s newfound resources on the network. Beneath this beam weapon is another, downward-facing set of three laser eyes, which converge to form a basic laser bolt to counter close-range attacks. Moun
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 0 0
Project G: XANA Monster Bios #1-3
Entry #1: Kankrelat
Weapons: Light laser cannon
Abilities: Can latch on to the Lyoko Warriors and self-destruct
Description: The basic "foot soldier" of XANA's army of monsters has little in the way of intelligence and size, but its lack of the latter can be used to its advantage when staging ambushes, especially in large groups. Though lightly-armed and poorly protected (even a glancing hit can destroy one, even if not inflicted on its eye), it can destroy itself in a powerful explosion as a last resort, or when used in kamikaze attacks. Oftentimes, kankrelats will use their short, claw-like legs to tackle and cling on to one of the Lyoko Warriors, before attempting to devirtualize him/her with its suicidal coup de grace.
Entry #2: Blok
Weapons: Medium laser cannon, freeze ray, ringed flamethrower, plasma grenade launcher
Abilities: Can lock together with other bloks to form nearly impenetrable barriers
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 1 0
Deep Deception (Part 2)
(Cut to the Ocean Replika. Odd has swum near the edge of the plateau, and notices the one with the activated tower is a considerable distance away.)
Odd: "Hey, Jeremy? Any chance you could send me the Overboard?"
(Cut to the Lab.)
Jeremy: "Sorry, Odd, but I can't send you your vehicles underwater."
(Cut to the Ocean Replika.)
Jeremy (voice only): "However, attached to your back is a special 'turbo-pack' that will propel you through the water faster than you can swim. Aelita can show you how to use it."
(As Odd looks over his shoulder to check out the turbo-pack on him, Aelita swims over to him and holds out her arm, revealing a row of four buttons.)
Aelita (pointing at one of the buttons): "This button right here will activate and deactivate it." (points at two other buttons, next to it; and then the last button) "These two will allow you to either speed up or slow down, and this one will eject it if it ever gets stuck on something.”
(Odd turns over his wrist, revealing the butto
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 1 2
Deep Deception (Part 1)
(In the Lab, with all five Lyoko Warriors present.)
Jeremy: "All right, guys—over the past few days, Aelita and I have been running diagnostics on the Replika we found last week."
Ulrich: "What did you find?"
Aelita: "Like the Volcano Replika, this one is not based on any existing sector on Lyoko. As it turns out, this one is entirely submerged underwater."
Yumi: "Like the Digital Sea?"
Jeremy: "Not exactly. The Digital Sea is a representation of the network, but the water in this 'Ocean Replika' is just that—virtual water, similar to that found on Lyoko. And that's not all: it also consists of plateaus and towers, just like the sectors on Lyoko, only that they're flooded."
Odd: "I we just use the Skid to get around?"
Jeremy: "It won't be that simple, Odd. Keep in mind that the Skid needs to be anchored to a tower while we're on a Replika. As a result, we'll have to rely on other means to get through the Replika if, say, XANA activates a tower."
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 5 6
Ninja MiGs :icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 2 2
Underwater Angel
Jeremy was good at swimming, but that didn't necessarily mean he enjoyed it.
While the many tourists sitting next to him endlessly chatted amongst themselves, Jeremy tapped away at the keys of his laptop, his eyes glued to the screen. Every once in a while, he paused to gather his thoughts.
During one such pause, however, Jeremy found himself distracted by the small waves that constantly slapped against the hull of the boat. With annoyed sigh, he mentally asked to himself, Why did I agree to this?
Before he knew it, the answer to that question was standing in front of him, peering at him from over his laptop. "Are you coming?" asked the angelic feminine voice he knew so well.
Jeremy looked up. Aelita stood before him, wearing her blue one-piece bathing suit. Over her forehead, partially obstructing her bright pink hair was a diving mask, and attached to the side of it was a pink, J-shaped snorkel.
"Oh, I'm not sure, Aelita…" Jeremy answered hesitantly.
Aelita was not det
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 9 17
GateKeeper at Cedar Point :icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 0 4
Code Lyoko: Titanic II - Chapter V
At their home in Belfast, Clyde Burke and his wife Julia got ready for bed after a long night of dining with Clyde's associates.
Among those present at the meeting were John Sullivan and his wife and Loyd Davis and his wife; along with other officials of Harland & Wolff and the New White Star Line. Talk between them had mostly centered around Titanic II and what could be done with her on the maiden voyage. Topics varied, but one of the most discussed were plans for marking the centennial of the original Titanic's sinking—April 15, 2012. Ideas ranged from a ship-wide memorial service to a stopover at the site of Titanic's wreck.
Clyde had enjoyed the many ideas that were given, but Titanic II remained incomplete. There was still much to be done on her before she was scheduled to be floated out about two months from now, let alone consider what to do with her when the time came for her to set sail.
He yawned as h
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 0 3
Code Lyoko: Titanic II - Chapter IV
Although it had really been only about half an hour, Andrew felt like he had only been asleep for little more than a few seconds.
He held no memories of why he had gone to sleep. But he realized with confusion that he was sitting on a wooden chair. He tried to stretch, but he couldn't. He was somehow restrained to the chair.
As Andrew jolted to a much more awake and alert state, he realized that he was bound to the chair by ropes. What the heck? he pondered.
He remembered now. He had listened to the conversation between three men, only to be captured by them and two others. The cloth over his face must have harbored some sort of incapacitating agent—probably chloroform. Andrew looked around to find that he was in a normal Costa Concordia oceanview stateroom—in many ways identical to his own, but lacking the balcony; in its place two windows—and back down to the ropes that held him in the chair.
Andrew put two and two together, and
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 0 3
Code Lyoko: Titanic II - Chapter III
"I'll be there in a moment."
"Hurry up!"
"Be patient!"
Another mistake. Not that Andrew cared, anyway. If the red of his cheeks was any indication, he had built a tolerance to his cousin Colin's slaps.
This time, however, they never came. His cousin's more forgiving—albeit by a narrow margin—wife, Mary, whispered words of patience to Colin.
Andrew had finished unpacking the suitcase. He plucked the TV remote from the queen-size bed where Colin and Mary would sleep, walked over to the sofa bed where they were sitting, and gave it to Colin. He turned on the TV and started fiddling with the controls.
"Blast!" exclaimed Colin. "Everything's in Italian!"
"Why don't you put on the captions?" asked Andrew.
"Why don't you?" Colin replied.
He thinks it's more efficient for me to do it, the mindless brute, Andrew thought to himself as he figured out the controls of the remote. After a minute or so—complete with more calls of impatience by his cousin—he final
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 0 1
Code Lyoko: Titanic II - Chapter II
Indeed, it was a bus drive about thirty minutes in length. Upon arriving, the students disembarked and walked into the building where the exhibition was being held. After about ten more minutes of waiting, Mr. Widner and his class were finally allowed to enter the exhibit. The exhibit consisted of a tour through about a dozen rooms illustrating the many stages of Titanic's life—from her building to her maiden voyage to her sinking.
Each room contained artifacts from the wreck itself, from old bank notes to bags and even a pocket watch stopped just minutes before the ship went down at 2:20 AM. Replicas were also a common sight; the most notable of these was a recreation of the heart of Titanic's twentieth-century elegancy: the Grand Staircase. The students marveled at the detail of the 1:1 scale replica.
The staircase was mostly made of oak delicately carved by skilled craftsmen. Nowhere was this more obviously present than surrounding the clock that se
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 2 5
Code Lyoko: Titanic II - Chapter I
There was a crude image on the chalkboard that appeared to have been drawn in a hurry. It was somewhat boxy, the lines were not completely straight, and the windows were irregularly shaped blobs.
In spite of these flaws, the figure was still recognizable as a ship from the early 1900s, prominently topped with four cylindrical smokestacks. In history, fourteen ships had this feature: five German, one French, and eight British.
The drawing, unsurprisingly, depicted the most famous of them all: the RMS Titanic. Hailing from Great Britain, she was the largest ship of her time and had been labeled as 'practically unsinkable.' But on the night of April 14-15, 1912, the ship struck an iceberg and sank with a large loss of life largely contributed to a limited number of lifeboats.
Mr. Widner had taught this lesson many times, but since this was his first year as a history teacher at Kadic Academy, a boarding school located within a suburb of Paris, he delivered his lesson with lo
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 0 4
Code Lyoko: Titanic II - Prologue to Part One
He tried to hide his worry and hastiness from his friends as he hurried to his room. It was so far—they could be anywhere around the many corners of the corridor.
"Andrew?" asked the blonde boy behind him.
"Shhh!" he, Andrew, shushed.
Quietly, the boy's pink-haired friend whispered, "Why are we in a hurry?"
Andrew tried to make up an answer, but his mind had gone blank. The tilt of the floor forced him to magnify his efforts to get to his room. Fortunately, he had made it, and he entered. He needed to be swift in getting his things, so his friends wouldn't be ambushed by them.
Thankfully, he hadn't brought much with him, so he was finished before his friends had to wait long.
The boy asked, "Can you explain to us now, Andrew?"
Andrew saw an emergency staircase not very far away. He could save both himself and his friends!
He replied, "I'll explain when we get to the Safety…oh, no…"
Andrew wasn't fast enough. As the man emerged from around the corner of a side corridor
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 2 0
Replikated Incident: A Code Lyoko One-Shot
It had been only a week since the group explored the first of possibly many of XANA's Replikas, and they still had no idea how to destroy them. Undeterred, Jeremy worked away at the lab's interface, looking for anything that could be done to destroy them as Aelita intently watched over his shoulder.
The memories of last week's events were still fresh in his mind: the group explored the exact copy of Lyoko's forest sector, fighting off XANA's monsters and William in the process. The operation had nearly come to a disaster, however, when Herve and Nicolas found their way into the factory, having seen Aelita and Odd enter.
Jeremy did what he could to keep them from finding out about the supercomputer, but without the benefit of a return to the past—to protect their new submarine, the Skidbladnir, Jeremy had to divert the supercomputer's power to the sub's shields, disabling the time reversion. Odd came up with an idea to solve the problem. He and Aelita devirtualized themse
:icontheeccentricgamer:TheEccentricGamer 8 9


Yumi+Ulrich vs Kolossus :iconcluelessghost:CluelessGhost 14 3 Samurai and the Geisha (Code Lyoko) :iconyumi-geisha:Yumi-Geisha 10 0 She's an angel :iconhornesteagle:hornesteagle 6 4 Code Lyoko: Ulrich x Yumi :iconyumi-geisha:Yumi-Geisha 16 13 Odd Guy :icondematti:Dematti 23 6 Aelita, the Angel of Lyoko :iconpetitangelofthenight:PetitAngelOfTheNight 13 5 And So They Lived movie nights :icona-queenoffairys:A-queenoffairys 27 5 The canon dogventures of Yumi and Kiwodd :icona-queenoffairys:A-queenoffairys 23 2 A Jerlita Valentine's Day :icontyler419:Tyler419 15 3 4:00am :icontyler419:Tyler419 9 2 Code Lyoko :iconbel-luppi:bel-luppi 12 0 Code Lyoko :iconbel-luppi:bel-luppi 11 5 You did good :icona-queenoffairys:A-queenoffairys 31 3 Aelita Code lyoko :icongemguidos:GeMGuidos 14 0 Code Lyoko :iconinu798:Inu798 14 4 Lyoko Invision :iconruima-mikaharu:Ruima-Mikaharu 31 5



Just FYI: that first Project G teaser I posted last month will not necessarily reflect what happens in the final product.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Project G will be a crossover between Code Lyoko and the Godzilla franchise.
Project G Teaser 2
Should be pretty self-explanatory if you happen to be fluent in Japanese.

Progress is being made slowly but surely. I hope to publish the first chapter in the near future...if college is nice enough to me. Encouragement is greatly appreciated.

Eye of XANA retrieved from:…

"Gojira" drawn by me using my MacBook's Preview.

Loading... I thought I'd make some of my feelings on this clear.

1) I came to terms with his victory shortly after the election ended. Granted, I didn't expect him to win, but I'm not part of the #NotMyPresident crowd.
2) I don't trust him to lead this country in the right direction, but then again, I never trusted Hillary Clinton to do so, either. I'm hoping against hope that he defies my judgment.
3) I admit to sitting out this election, which I don't regret...but I do regret not participating in my state's primaries and at least trying to give us better options than what we ended up with.

Now that we've jumped from the frying pan of Obama's presidency into the fire of Trump's, I'm still in a cautious "wait-and-see" phase that I've been in since November 8th. He may very well do great things for this country, but my main concern has been, and continues to be, "At what cost?"
Posted a teaser for my upcoming Code Lyoko crossover fic, Project G. Go check it out! I thought I'd make some of my feelings on this clear.

1) I came to terms with his victory shortly after the election ended. Granted, I didn't expect him to win, but I'm not part of the #NotMyPresident crowd.
2) I don't trust him to lead this country in the right direction, but then again, I never trusted Hillary Clinton to do so, either. I'm hoping against hope that he defies my judgment.
3) I admit to sitting out this election, which I don't regret...but I do regret not participating in my state's primaries and at least trying to give us better options than what we ended up with.

Now that we've jumped from the frying pan of Obama's presidency into the fire of Trump's, I'm still in a cautious "wait-and-see" phase that I've been in since November 8th. He may very well do great things for this country, but my main concern has been, and continues to be, "At what cost?"


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United States
Hi, I'm The Eccentric Gamer, and, as you can probably tell, I play video games. But not the ones that most people play—such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Grand Theft Auto—I prefer the ones that few people have heard of, mostly the older ones exclusive to the PC.

I've perceived myself to be a terrible visual artist, although I am in the process of taking classes in school on drafting and design, learning how to draft both by hand (with the help of tools) and CAD.

I'm also a writer and I enjoy it, but of the many genres, fan fiction is the one that suits me the best. At the moment, the only works you'll most likely be seeing are fan fictions of my all-time favorite show, Code Lyoko. However, I suffer frequently from writer's block, lack of time (due to school and, during the summer, work), and lack of motivation.

Along with Code Lyoko, I have long been interested in Titanic—not just the 1997 film directed by James Cameron, but the actual ship and the stories associated with her, so don't be surprised if I may post things about that on here as well.


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